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 2/10/07 Together, we're like a married couple!

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2/10/07 Together, we're like a married couple! Empty
PostSubject: 2/10/07 Together, we're like a married couple!   2/10/07 Together, we're like a married couple! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2007 8:20 pm

Together, we're like a married couple!

As a four-member group, the four members of Fahrenheit spend most of their working days together, so which aspects of the other members affects them the most? Everyone teamed up and "teased" Wu Zun immediately, Arron Yan says: "Usually we cannot eat, but Wu Zun here loves to eat, this is very influential to us." Hearing this, everyone looks at Wu Zun smiling. Calvin also said: "We've been together two years, everyone is slowly getting used to it, we started with four very different people, now we truly are a group, just like a married couple." Almost immediately after speaking, Wu Zun's eyes widened, "Who wants to be husband and wife with you?!" Calvin ignores Wu Zun's surprise and says arrogantly: "Others are said to have many wives, I have three. Right, just like that!" When he was finished, the other members could not bear it anymore. "Your analogy is a little strange!" Wu Zun then said: "Like brothers, okay? Don't talk about husband and wife anymore." The atmosphere, because of the four big loveable boys "flirting" with one another, is warmed up very quickly.

On September 29, Watson Water's "Dream Marriage Fahrenheit" held a meeting meeting at Guangzhou. The meeting included music from "the young overlord" TANK, Xing Guang Bang, and Liu Li Yang, who were honoured guests. Four-membered group Fahrenheit's (Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan, Calvin Chen) wonderful charm caused the many fans to scream loudly. Last night they just arrived in Hong Kong for their first time concert. Second day early in the morning rushes to Guangzhou's Fahrenheit looked exhausted, however, they still manage to appear beaming and buoyant. They did very well facing the media, throughout the entire interview they all spoke, talking and laughing merrily.

When the meeting started, seeing Fahrenheit member Arron Yan being pushed out in a wheelchair by one of the workers, everyone on the scene was shocked, and a lot of fans were pained by the sight. So, when the press conference started, the reporter closely examines Arron's injury immediately. Regarding the degree of seriousness of the wound, Arron replied that he'll need another year before he can be like a normal person to run, jump, makes any sorts of movement, right now he needs to do a lot of examinations.

Fahrenheit this time coming to Guangzhou, reporters were curious if they would sing any Guangdong songs, otherwise, speaking cantonese. The four members indicated that, for this Guangzhou performance, they invited a new dance teacher to arrange a new dance, and they also specifically practiced to strengthen their cantonese, but "this has to wait until our concert." The reporters and everyone else requested that they use cantonese to introduce themselves. Wu Zun, whose cantonese is better out of the four, easily did as told. Afterwards, he could also use cantonese to answer the reporter's questions. Soon, he welcomes his birthday on October 10th, his biggest wish is that there would be no work on his birthday, but unfortunately, "But, looks like there will be a work arrangement, but if I can eat something delicious then I'll be very happy!" It seems that Wu Zun, who really loves to eat, really lives up to his reputation.

Fahrenheit films "The X-Family" which is very popular in Taiwan and mainland China. Arron Yan speaks frakly to thank everyone for their support, "This drama has three members of Fahrenheit, moreover it has the handsome Wu Zun as a guest star, it's hard to not be good!" Recently, Fahrenheit has worked very hard to film "The X-Family", Da Dong or Jiro Wang and Calvin during the eight-month period because of exhaustion fell ill, and it was painfully hot. Therefore for them, a good work is everyone's common goal.

Regarding the "Wu Zun teaches Chen Yi Ru how to kiss" news, Calvin says "What can I do? He's too experienced, no matter if it's in the drama or outside the drama." Wu Zun immediately clarifies, "Since when! When filming I have more experience, but outside of filming he has more experience. When filming don't know if he's pretending it's real or not...if he's pretending it's real then I'm afraid he'll scare away the girl. So I have to be there to teach him correctly!" Listening to Wu Zun's speech, Calvin immediately complains: "If Wu Zun did not come, I would have only NG two times. He comes and I NG at least ten times, because at the side he always cries out 'french kiss, french kiss', completely ruining the romantic atmosphere."

In the near future, Wu Zun and Angela Zhang's new drama "Romantic Princess" will broadcast in Taiwan, he will expressed that if it should broadcast in Guangzhou, he would be able to return for promotions.

credits to baidu
taken from dreamgal93@AF
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2/10/07 Together, we're like a married couple!
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