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 [15.5.2008] Aaron walks out from the shadow of being a weakling

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PostSubject: [15.5.2008] Aaron walks out from the shadow of being a weakling   Mon May 19, 2008 1:36 am

In taiwanese band Fahrenheit, Arron is the youngest and because of his leg injury, he's often being seen as the weakling, often being protected by the other members. During group interviews, Calvin is always the one who keeps talking, Wu Chun is always the center of media's attention, while Jiro is the 'Pose King'. Arron feels that there is nothing special about himself and because of his young age, he often does not have the chance to be the main lead.

But after 2 years, Arron is finally the male lead in an idol drama, acting as 007, solving cases in school. Even if there are a lot of action packed scenes which will affect his leg injury, Arron says he must bear with it!

There are now more smiles on Arron's face compared to the past. He admits that as his showbiz assignments increase, his confidence increased as well. "Luckily this time there is a chance to be the male lead and since this is the first time, I have set very high expectations for myself. The character is a calm and intelligent person, hence it is easy for him to spot clues during a case. Honestly, my true character is not so calm."

What's the most difficult thing about acting such a character?
"Now, I'm like a sponge. Be it singing, dancing or acting, they are all at the 'absorbing stage'. Nothing is difficult to me, but I have to learn. But the difficult part is action scenes... there are a lot of run and catch scenes yet my leg is injured and the doctor said I can't do strenuous actions. But as an actor, you can't ask doubles to stand in for you just for simple run and catch scenes. This will irritate people. Hence I must do it personally despite the pain, then apply medication when I reach home."
Arron says he will apply medication secretly as he doesn't want his mom to worry.
"Everytime when I reach home my mom would be awake waiting for me, helping me apply medication and massage. She is very worried but actually my injury isn't that bad, hence I don't want her to get too sensitive."

Arron said his injury isn't that bad to console his mom. Actually his chances of full recovery has decreased, which may affect the way he walks in future.
"I decided to actively go hospital for treatments after filming the drama, hopefully the situation can be salvaged." Despite his pains, he has never asked for a day off. "This is important, actors must have actors' integrity. Besides, during this period of time, I am very into my character and I hope that I can finish filming the show in one shot." Arron has never acted as a detective, hence the director told him that he should watch some takuya kimura films and learn from him. The director said he does not need to imitate Kimura, just learn the way kimura acts naturally. Hence Arron said he has been watching a lot of kimura shows regardless of whether they are useful or not, he just wants to learn and absorb.

Not worthy of fans' love.

Arron said the most heartwarming thing which happened recently was his good bro Wu Chun.
Wu Chun knew that his leg had problems after filming and specially bought a kind of joint medication for him. "Wu Chun also often gets injured during exercises and he feels that this kind of medication is good for my recovery, hence he specially ordered the medication from overseas for me." In the past, Arron would always doubt his fans' love for him, wondering if they treat him nice just because they love fahrenheit. "Everytime I see and hear fans shouting for me, I keep wondering if they really love me as I do not show much results and achievements in showbiz. Am I worthy of their love?" And now as there are more chances for Arron to prove himself, this is the time he really needs fans' support.

In Fahrenheit, Arron seems to be the one who talks the least. Exactly how is the relationship among fahrenheit members? Do you want to go solo?

"Actually we really do not bear hatred or grudges like what the media portrays. In these two years, we've gotten along better than before. Honestly, at the beginning we will be mindful of each other and we will be afraid of offending one another. But now it is different. We just say what comes to our minds. And Calvin loves to joke. It is always funny with him around. I hope that this band will continue, just go solo when it comes to filming dramas.

Fahrenheit went to Hainan Island to shoot a commercial recently. Any funny stuffs to expose about your brothers?

"HAHA you want me to be the spy? All right, I'll tell you. Wu Chun has been very nervous about filming Butterfly Lovers, hence he brings his script wherever he goes. Other than his script, he brings along a long wooden sword to practise. But the sword was too long to fit into his luggage, so he chopped it shorter to fit into his luggage. In the end we all laughed and said his long sword became a short sword. As for Jiro, he has been filming Rolling Love and as a result of holding pans, his arms are now muscular and buff, hence he keeps acting as big buff guy in front of us. As for Calvin, he has been more free and has been investing in stocks. Heard that he made profits. He is very smart, hence he knows about investments. But we know that he is very nervous about having no assignments. As a person who has been through that, I told him to keep calm and use the time to master dancing and singing, which will come to good use."

Translated by NicoleYBJ
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Number of posts : 4
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PostSubject: Re: [15.5.2008] Aaron walks out from the shadow of being a weakling   Mon May 19, 2008 2:00 am

Yalun is not a weakling!!
he's definitely worthy of our love!
he's special in his way.
he helped fahreheit alot in the singing part,
he inspired me alot too~
but luckily he walked out from the shadow..

lols how i wish calvin can teach me how to invest in stocks n make profits!!
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[15.5.2008] Aaron walks out from the shadow of being a weakling
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