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 Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men

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PostSubject: Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men   Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men Icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2008 6:55 pm

[2008.05.30] Ella單眼嘟唇電暈少男 拍廣告比全智賢更性感
Ella單眼嘟唇電暈少男 拍廣告比全智賢更性感

http://music.tom.com  2008年05月30日 10時44分 Tom 專稿

Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men Ella123
Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men Ella124

S.H.E 成員Ella為臺灣健康飲品拍攝全新電視廣告,為配合產品充滿活力的形象,Ella在廣告中不停搖擺身體蹦蹦跳,還對著鏡頭單眼嘟嘴,告訴你知道什麼是健康性感的新定義。 Ella一頭短髮標記,加上一身運動裝扮,觀眾見到她的樣子已感到活力十足。想不到一向形象與性格都男性化的Ella這次在短短數十秒廣告片段中,竟然會玩“放電”,在鏡頭前單眼兼嘟起雙唇,恍似化妝品廣告中的全智賢上身。然後 Ella又舉高雙手狂擺動上身,這個鏡頭不但表現出她的活潑個性,還讓觀眾發現其身材原來也甚“有料”。健康一樣性感廣告只有Ella獨力撐場,自己對著鏡頭蹦蹦跳,還拿著一支飲品拋來拋去,雖然穿著短褲的她未露大腿吸引觀眾,但相信單憑一個單眼放電鏡頭,已經迷死一眾少男Fans。所謂性感,不一定就等於要拋胸露罅,像Ella在活潑當中流露少少媚態,健康的性感也很討人喜愛。



credit babyval of CEFC =)


Ella The simple eye honk lip electronics corona young man pats the advertisement to be sexy than Quan Zhixian

S.H.E member Ella is the Taiwan healthy drinks photographs the brand-new television advertisement, to coordinate the product vital image, Ella does not stop the swing body in the advertisement to jump jumps, but is also treating the lens simple eye honk mouth, tells you to know that anything is the healthy sexy new definition. A Ella short hair mark, a body movement dresses up in addition, the audience saw that her appearance had felt the vigor is full. Could not think that always the image and disposition virilization's Ella this time in the short dozens of second advertisement fragment, unexpectedly will play “the electric discharge”, before the lens the simple eye concurrently honk bilabial, will resemble in the cosmetics advertisement suddenly the Quan Zhixian upper body. Then Ella lifts the high both hands crazy swinging upper body, not only this lens display her lively individuality, but also lets the audience discover that its stature also really “is originally learned”. The health equally sexy advertisement only then Ella supports the field on one's own, oneself treat the lens to jump jumps, but also takes drinks to throw throws, although puts on short's her not to reveal the thigh attraction audience, but believed that the only simple eye electric discharge lens, already the fan died numerous young men Fans. The so-called sex appeal, not necessarily was equal to that must throw the chest dew bottle, looks like Ella to reveal little the few obsequious attitude in the middle of lively, the healthy sex appeal also very much asks for the human to like.
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Winking and Pouting Ella Electrifies Young Men
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