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 Never Mind the Golden Melody, Hebe Rather Have 2 D Cups

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PostSubject: Never Mind the Golden Melody, Hebe Rather Have 2 D Cups   Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:57 pm

Never Mind the Golden Melody Trophy
Hebe Rather Have 2 "D" Cups
(The China Times)

S.H.E was not nominated for a Golden Melody award, resulting in heated online discussions among their fans. Hebe posted the following humorous message online: [The Golden Melody award is only a gold-color trophy cup. It is more practical to give me two "D" cups. At least I can have them on my body and see them everyday.] It seems that she really wants her chest to be bigger.

Hebe's sentiments received strong support from her two "sisters", Ella and Selina who laughingly said: [Hebe's sentiments represents our hearts' desire. Afterall, who does not want a "D" cup! We really want it too!]

As for not being nominated for the Golden Melody award, S.H.E, who had won the Best Group award once in the past, treats it lightly. Hebe even points out that on that day, no one from the company informed her about not being nominated. She only found out when she went online and saw the messages posted by their fans. She is also very glad that their junior, Tank, was nominated in the Best Male Singer category. S.H.E jokingly said: [At least this means that we won't come under the Golden Melody curse and our album this year will have great sales!] They also stress that the judges have their own professional standards and therefore do not feel that the results are unfair.


credit: babyval of CEFC =)
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Never Mind the Golden Melody, Hebe Rather Have 2 D Cups
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