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 12/8/07 Angela talks about relation with Wu Zun

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12/8/07 Angela talks about relation with Wu Zun Empty
PostSubject: 12/8/07 Angela talks about relation with Wu Zun   12/8/07 Angela talks about relation with Wu Zun Icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2007 8:30 pm

Queen of Changes Angela Concert DVD selling well, celebrate and work at the same time.

Just finishing the 47 days of filming of “Romantic Princess” last week, Angela is going to return as singer, promoting non-stop for the “Queen of Changes Angela Zhang 2007 World Concert DVD” that was out on 3 August. This Saturday, she is going to hold three autograph sessions in North, Central and South three areas of Taipei, having close interaction with the fans whom she had not seen for a long time. Angela laughed excitedly, “Wa, finally can meet up with everyone, I’m looking forward to it yo!”

The Concert DVD is just out and the order for the whole Asia has already reached 200 000, showing Angela’s popularity in the whole Asia’s Chinese Music Industry. For this, the record company specially held a “Queen of Changes Angela Zhang –Ice breaking celebration” on 10 August (today) arranging Angela to break the 200 000 number ice with a hammer. Other than celebrating Angela’s good sales in her DVD, it is also announced to be coming out with Angela’s 5th personal album at the end of this year, this week officially starting with the recording work, inform Angela’s fans to anticipate.

When talking about the most impressionable memory amongst this 4 concerts, Angela said, the first and last concert at Taipei is the most unforgettable, saying, “At Shanghai, it was my first ever large scale personal concert, below the stage, it was filled with 30 over thousands of fans listening to me sing, it’s hard for outsiders to imagine. And the one at Taipei is because of my family, good friends and many entertainment celebrities came specially to support, the feeling is very special; when I saw below the stage were all fans waving neon light sticks and dancing, I couldn’t help but cry.”

As this was the first time Angela and Wu Zun work together in drama “Romantic Princess”, everyone else is very curious how’s the interaction privately? Is it really like the rumours that both are not in good terms? Angela said, “Actually our relation is very good, even when the filming has ended, we still keep in contact recently, really never treat each other coldly lar! Sometimes we will also help one another’s friends to get each other’s autographs and photos! And at the filming scene, I will always call Wu Zun by his real name, ‘Wu Ji Zun” yo!” Angela revealed, in her eyes, Wu Zun is a guy that likes exercising and loves to eat tidbits, every time at the filming scene, Wu Zun will always bring a big bag filled with all kinds of tidbits, and will always treat her to the tidbits generously.

Angela also finds Wu Zun’s temper very good, sometimes she will purposely tease him but he also won’t say anything, “Wu Ji Zun is really very good to bully leh! Haha. ” As the director’s way of directing show is very strict, he will often use scolding manner to bring actors into their roles, thus Angela and Wu Zun had developed a revolutionary feelings, forming a ‘Diamond Gang’ in the crew! Angela explained, “Once I saw the tattoo on Wu Ji Zun’s body and found it very nice, and told him that last time I always wanted a tattoo on my inner wrist, but because I’m really afraid of pain and the record company also don’t allow, thus I use ball point pen to draw a five carat big diamond fake tattoo, and purposely trick others as it’s super fun! Haha. After that, Wu Zun and the whole crew are being drawn with a diamond picture by me, and I became the diamond chief, and everyone is forced to join the gang.”

Will you really consider tattoo in future? Angela said, “I’m a very careful person, I will consider for a long long time ba! That’s why, Wu Zun keeps saying that I am afraid of pain and definitely don’t dare to go and tattoo. He also make a bet with me, if one day I dare to go for tattoo, not only will he help me find the best tattoo master, he will also help me fork out money!”
Since both relation is not bad, then is it possible to have relationship? Angela emphasize, “It’s only in the drama, that I have the feeling of being electrocuted by him, but it is definitely not possible in real life lar! Once when I had a kissing scene with Wu Zun, I purposely tease him, I think you’ve kissed until crossed-eye already? We are too familiar with one another, we are really good friends only, everyone don’t think so much.”

Angela and Wu Zun are often scolded with vulgarities by the director during filming, thus provoking their friendship, she admitted truthfully that she is indeed being electrocuted by Wu Zun when kissing in the show, :Lips touching lips and turning here and there, there is indeed feeling lar, but the weather is too hot, it’s really hard to be romantic.” At the filming scene, she often bully Wu Zun, knowing that he is good temper, she will always like to call him by his original name ‘Wu Ji Zun’, making him angry and feel like laughing at the same time.
Angela recalled and embarrassing issue when she was filming “Romantic Princess”, she said, the first day when they were all finalizing their ourtfit and outlook, she was sitting on the chair preparing to stand up, suddenly she selt her ‘Big Aunt’ (Period) coming, the work crew help her see and saw the blood staining the chair, and went hurriedly out to help her buy a new pants and sanitary napkins. Angela sat on the chair not daring to move, and beside her, Wu Zun and other actors keep walking around, she acted calmly, luckily the work crew came back in time. Angela said, “Luckily Wu Zun did not see it at that time, or else I will be teased forever.”

Translated by Tiffany

Source: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com
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12/8/07 Angela talks about relation with Wu Zun
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