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 Food Lover Meets Aaron Kwok

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PostSubject: Food Lover Meets Aaron Kwok   Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:47 pm

Before the interview, I (reporter) have heard stories about his love for food and his huge appetite from Director Ma. At the shooting location, I’ve even witnessed his large collection of tidbits. According to Wu Chun, because the filming period is long, he has brought 2 luggage filled with 15 types of food. “Basically, I would have to eat during every break. But I won’t eat too much, just one for each type.”
Regarding his love for food, he has no reservations about this topic. “I love eating since I was young. When we ate out, a table with more than 10 adults, I would be too eager and starts to eat without waiting for them. My mum would hit my hand and say that children are not allowed to start eating before the adults.”
Due to his love for food, he claims that he was once a fat kid. “Back then, my arms look like lotus roots. When aunties (referring to middle aged women in general) saw my face, they can’t resist pinching it.”
He slimmed down after he reached puberty at 12. He says, I began to have a love for basketball, I slimmed down quickly, and gradually became “eat but won’t grow fat”. Since he can “eat but won’t grow fat”, then why does he love to work out? After all, many artistes only work out to stay trim. “I wanted to look good in clothes!” Wu Chun explained, “When I was 15 or 16 years old, I was watching a catwalk show in Singapore and I envy how great they look in those clothes. My brother-in-law asked me, do you want to be like them? I said yes, and started to work out.”
According to sources, because of this hobby, Wu Chun met Aaron Kwok at a gym when he was studying in Australia. Back then, Aaron told the 19-year-old, “no limits to a bright future”. To date, Wu Chun hasn’t fully understood the Heavenly King’s word.
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Food Lover Meets Aaron Kwok
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