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 Dad Taught Him Basketball

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PostSubject: Dad Taught Him Basketball   Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:04 pm

Heard many stories about his mum. He often said that his late mum gave him the courage to join the industry. Because his mumís courage to fight the illness made him feel that thereís nothing that cannot be overcome. Hence, a shy person since young, someone who was afraid to go on stage to receive the prize for coming in 1st in a body-building competition, decided to join the e-circle.
After joining the industry, he often wondered whether he should step out of the limelight. ďIn part I gave myself a 3-year goal and I also want to spend more time with my Dad. When I 1st entered the circle, he was 58, but he was already 61 when he came to visit me last month. I donít want to regret like in my motherís case.Ē
His good family background is common knowledge. His Dad, Wu Jing Tian, is in the property management industry. A media report has estimated that including his Uncleís Bruneiís largest car distributor business, his family business could be worth up to 10 billion HKD. But to Wu Chun, the most lasting impression of his father were the times when he taught him basketball while he was still a child. ďMy dad was a national player, when I was about 10, he taught me basketball. During the 1st lesson, he told me that I must learn to play with both left and right hands.Ē
Other than working out, playing basketball is Wu Chunís favourite hobby and he once took part in a match in which Yao Ming was in the opposition team.

**credits to summersnow1010**
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Dad Taught Him Basketball
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