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 [wu chun]Doing Stunts Uses Hand to Protect Face

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PostSubject: [wu chun]Doing Stunts Uses Hand to Protect Face   Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:25 pm

[Butterfly Lovers] is a martial arts movie. It would be unavoidable to have bumps and scrapes. From the starting of filming in April to present day, female lead Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) was injured when she was hit at the lower back area. Wu Chun also sprained his leg. This pair of reincarnated lovers even gets injured as a couple.

Action choreographer Ching Siu-Tung suggested to Wu Chun to use a stunt man but having experiences as a fitness instructor, this young guy refused to let his muscles be cast aside. Breaking through windows, jumping down stairs…he wanted to do all himself. Ching Siu-Tung can only grudgingly give him a word of advice: [You better make sure you protect your face!]

[So, I use my hands to block.] Wu Chun showed the reporter his hands. Both hands are filled with scars, some from scratches, some seemed to be sliced. Whenever Wu Chun held his fists tightly, one can see the bulging veins on his arms and his muscles pulled tautly. He was so unpretentious that the first time he met with Ah Sa, he ended up giving her a punch! [The director asked me to give her an “intimate little punch”, but as soon as I touched her, she went “Ah” with a cry.” At the time, Ah Sa did not feel much pain but when she returned home and looked into the mirror, there was a bruise on her forehead.
This type of “not being considerate enough” made Wu Chun to seem a little “cold” within the group. Whenever the four boys do interviews together, what he utter the most is “Right, right, right” or “Good, good, good”. Yet the first few dramas, from [Tokyo Juliet] to [Hana-Kimi] to [Romantic Princess], his acting fees more than tripled. The nickname his fans gave him was “Beauty Chun”

Source: JFDaily, June 10, 2008
Translated by wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article(including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.
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PostSubject: Re: [wu chun]Doing Stunts Uses Hand to Protect Face   Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:52 pm

ang dami nag sugat ni zun sa kamay ung pinagaaralan nya ung sword eh.. sabi pa nla $tw1,000,000 ang nawala sa gym ni zun dahil sa butterfly lovers.. thats what they said..
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[wu chun]Doing Stunts Uses Hand to Protect Face
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