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 Fahrenheit Replaces F4

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PostSubject: Fahrenheit Replaces F4   Fahrenheit Replaces F4 Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2008 11:58 am

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Cmiley (Please credit of link if this is posted elsewhere)

Popularity kings Fahrenheit, is officially kicking out F4, the Taiwan Tourism Board spokesperson is changing people to see how it works! Last year Taiwan Tourism Board funded $80 million NT to invite F4 to be their tourism spokespersons, attracting the Japan/Korea markets, the results were positive, this year's end of June, F4's contract is expiring, the new spokespersons Fahrenheit is pretty much expected take over to be attracting the younger groups!

Fahrenheit under comics management expressed, at the moment Aziotv has submitted a proposal, but spokesperson promotion or dramas, they're not confirmed; to understanding, Azio has gained a vote, but Azio says, at the moment they're not at the stage of a contract procedure yet, therefore its not appropriate to comment on any questions regarding this, but in the future if this case is going through, they will use all their efforts to complete it.

credits to cmiley of AF
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Fahrenheit Replaces F4
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