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 Aaron caressed Jiro’s chest muscles in the Super King’s skit.

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PostSubject: Aaron caressed Jiro’s chest muscles in the Super King’s skit.    Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:55 am

liminate rumors of discord, Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan gave a massive display of man to man ghostly love on the Super King show. The two guys on China TV (Taiwan), CTS’s Super King’s「Hello国民小学」segment; one acted as man and the other as ghost in a supposedly tear jerker skit. But Aaron went too far. Not only did he hugged Jiro but also extended his other hand into Jiro’s shirt to caressed his chest muscles causing his bro to yell, “Are you done yet?!” wishing that part (director called out “cut”) quickly finish.

The two guys’ performance was hilarious; even make a spoof/joke of FRH members’ going solo. The two acted in a male Ghost Story skit, 「第六感生死恋」. Jiro as he kneaded and looked at the pottery thinking of his“love”, wanting Aaron in the other world not to form a new group.

Aaron heard and laughed: "You burn three paper people to me; doesn’t that mean you want me to form a group?!"

On every episode, Xiao Xiao Bin impersonating as "Octopus Bin" will give his prediction. Aaron asked him, “In "Fahrenheit" who will be eliminated?” This time Xiao Bin didn’t want to offend any member. He said that he wants to act with Jiro and he wants to release an album with Aaron.

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Aaron caressed Jiro’s chest muscles in the Super King’s skit.
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