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 (CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List

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(CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List Empty
PostSubject: (CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List   (CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 8:16 pm

These are the official track list of Too Hot Album :

(CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List 282bbc10

1.太熱 Super hot -- tai re
2. Sexy Girl
3.心疼妳的心疼 Cherish your heartache -- xin teng ni de xin teng
4.繼 續愛 Keep loving you -- ji xu ai
5.很安靜 Live in peace (電視劇「桃花小妹」片尾曲) -- hen an jing -- mo mo love theme
6.守護星 Guardian star (電視劇「愛似百匯」片頭曲) -- shou hu xing -- mo mo love theme
7.活得更像我 Going on my way -- huo de geng xiang wo
8.誤會 Mistake (電視劇「愛似百匯」片尾曲) -- wu hui ** Love Buffet Theme**
9.泰山程式 Tarzan program -- tai shan cheng shi
10.新生 Rebirth (八大動畫「死神4」片頭曲) -- xin sheng ** Bleach 4 the movie opening song **

I love you YaLun em30
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(CONFIRMED) Fahrenheit "Too Hot" Album Track List
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