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 23/8/07 Angela Pissed. WuZun clarifies.

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PostSubject: 23/8/07 Angela Pissed. WuZun clarifies.   Thu Aug 23, 2007 9:36 pm

Angela & Wu Zun cooperated happily, the two even drew diamond tattooes

Source: http://udn.com/
Translated by Cmiley

CTV & GTV's cooperation of idol drama [Romantic Princess] is just about to be broadcasted, yesterday suddenly rumoured by cast members that during the poster shoot, the speed was too slow, main actress wore 1 princess costume to shoot for 5 hours, finishing it in the late evening about 11pm, at the end not even in her 2nd princess costume yet pissed of and left?

Angela Zhang's record company staff admitted yesterday, that day the shooting was very long, but [Angela was not pissed off, it's just that day they started off really early at 6, at expressed if the process can speed up.] That day there was 5 artists for shooting, including about 10 crew, there was just a bit of confusion on the set, so to get the best shots it took a bit longer for the shoot.

GTV's thought of this news is extremely upset, planning manager Chen Zhi Han stressed: [Since the filming to the promotion Angela has been very accomodating, and that day there was only 1 costume, she finished the shoot, how could it be said that she didn't even finish and left? Rumours are extremely nonsense.]

Main actor Wu Zun strongly stands by Angela, while shooting for a magazine yesterday he said: [She's pissed? No, we had a great time playing crazily when she was shooting with me.] The two of them have become good friends from filming [Romantic]. Angela even purposely drew a diamond shape tattoo drawing on hers, Wu Zun & Calvin's wrists, laughing wants to form a [Diamond Gang].

[Romantic Princess] is about to take over [18, Censoring or Not?], in the near future will be competing against the other channel's [Sweet Relationship] starring Vic & Patty Hou. For the last two consecutive weeks CTV has been broadcasting heavily, including the main characters appearing on Guess x3, KangXi, Sunday 8, Big Brothers and Entertaiment 100% programs.

Mishaps during the poster shoot, CTV expresses, the poster is just fresh from the oven, really beautiful and elegent, because this script is converted from a Japananese manga, this poster has also gone through the rights and approval of Japan with everyone satisfied.
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23/8/07 Angela Pissed. WuZun clarifies.
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