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 26/8/07 WuZun feeds Angela Chicken Essence

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PostSubject: 26/8/07 WuZun feeds Angela Chicken Essence   Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:55 am

Wu Zun, Angela go for work together
CTV, GTV’s “Romantic Princess” main leads Wu Zun, Angela has been together engrossed in a series of promotion schedule since yesterday. Both of them since the end of filming 2 weeks ago, have been busy with the dubbing and singing of the theme songs separately. Yesterday, they finally met for the first time; Wu Zun heard that Angela hasn’t been feeling very well recently, and bought chicken essence for Angela to nourish on their first assignment. Angela also drank it on the spot as a form of thanking him, 2 of them getting prepared for their Romantic Princess Promotion.

“Romantic Princess” promotion is going to have a month of intensive TV shows, magazine interview and a series of fans meet and events at the north south central of Taiwan. Wu Zun and Angela are looking forward to bring their hard works and meet the fans. Angela said confidently, “Our show will definitely surprise everyone. I’m already looking forward to let everyone grade our show.” Even though the intensive promotions are letting the two of them getting a little tired, but when they are together, they have so much to talk about, Angela was using her mascara on Wu Zun and Calvin’s wrist to draw her favourite diamond picture while she was doing make-up, and said happily, “This means that our Diamond Gang is back to society, and going to be totally into the promotion for “Romantic Princess”!”

“Romantic Princess” is Wu Zun’s 3rd show he is leading in, Wu Zun is recently dubbing for the scenes where the lines were affected by the surrounding sound, compared to the initial “Tokyo Juliet” where his voice was dubbed by Yang Shi Xuan, Wu Zun said proudly, “I was praised that my Chinese improved a lot, now when I dub one episode it only took me 1.5hours!” The interesting thing is, Wu Zun even has a weird habit of bringing pillow to the recording room, Wu Zun explained, “Because when there are action scenes like running or jumping, the body needs to do the actually action in order to be real, and I am using the pillow to exert pressure on it la!”

Angela whined and want Wu Zun to feed her chicken essence

Wu Zun and Angela are recently busy with the promotion of “Romantic Princess”, acting as a couple in the show, good friends outside the show. As Angela is rushing out the Original Soundtracks and promotion, her health is affected. Other than Mother Zhang helping her Gua Sha, her old friend Wu Zun also brought chicken essence to help her nourish. He also took the initiative to feed her, a pity Angela found the chicken essence smelly, pushing here and there, and fed each other, before finishing the whole (small) bottle of chicken essence. Angela, who loves the shape a diamond, formed a “Diamond Gang” during the filming period, forcing other casts to join together, and call herself, “Gang leader”, and of course, Wu Zun is not exception too, his wrist was also forced to draw a diamond picture.

Translated by Tiffany
Credits: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com
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26/8/07 WuZun feeds Angela Chicken Essence
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