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 24.08.2007 Nxt Mth's HK concert, fans jam the hotl

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PostSubject: 24.08.2007 Nxt Mth's HK concert, fans jam the hotl   Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:00 pm

Next Month coming to Hong Kong to start a craze, Fahrenheit fans burst the hotline to catch Fahrenheit

As 揑SWAK?comes to an end, involving parties, Fahrenheit抯 popularity rose once again, end of the next month , they will be holding a music event at Hong Kong and Guang Zhou, the sponsor抯 hotlines and website were all flooded by the fans

Previously four members of Fahrenheit separated into two groups to film dramas separately, recently Jiro and Arron were promoting for 揟he X-Family?while Wu Zun and Calvin were busy with 揜omantic Princess? Then the four of them have individual commercial, including endorsing Watson Water which is worth 10 of Millions of Hong Kong income. Moreover, they even received the commercial company抯 sponsor, holding 揇ream of Fahrenheit?Musical Concert in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou on the 28th and 29th of September. The committee, in order to assure their safety, during the period when they come to Hong Kong, will each have a personal body guard, and Fahrenheit wish the fans will remain calm, and don抰 do overly dangerous or crazy acts.

Prepared 2000 gifts
Fahrenheit revealed, this is going to be this year抯 last concert, when the news is out, the fans crazily tried to 慶atch?Fahrenheit. Way before the website and hotline is open, resourceful fans had already found the number and website, registering first to book their queues.

According to the organizing committee, as the security is very tight, those cunning fans will not get hat they want. Moreover, as the response is very great, the website was even jammed, and the hotline was also jammed and had to be repaired hurriedly. In order not to disappoint those fans who did not manage to get the tickets, the committee specially prepared 6000 exquisite souvenirs, including cushion and mug.

Translated by Tiffany
Credits: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com

omg... i wish i could go too!!! those lucky fans who get to go.. so jealous of them... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh........ those souvenirs!! i want them.. em01 i wish they gonna sell those too.. soo want it!! look awesome... em06
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x33 strawberry
x33 strawberry

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PostSubject: Re: 24.08.2007 Nxt Mth's HK concert, fans jam the hotl   Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:13 am

waa.. so lucky lorh they.. wakakas !
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24.08.2007 Nxt Mth's HK concert, fans jam the hotl
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