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  No hurry to marry says S.H.E. Hebe Tien

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  No hurry to marry says S.H.E. Hebe Tien Empty
PostSubject: No hurry to marry says S.H.E. Hebe Tien     No hurry to marry says S.H.E. Hebe Tien Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 11:50 pm

TAIPEI: Hebe Tien of pop trio S.H.E. opened up about her first romance during an appearance on a Taiwan television show on Tuesday, saying she regretted it a little.

Describing her former boyfriend as a good person, the singer, who recently embarked on a solo career, said she broke up with her first love because they felt too much like an old couple.

Even with one of her group mates Selina Jen getting engaged recently, Tien said she is in no hurry to marry and plans to do so in about ten years time. At the same time, the 27-year-old singer, revealed that she would have no qualms about ditching S.H.E mates Jen and Ella Chen to get hitched when the time comes.

"I believe they will take very good care of themselves," said Tien, adding that she would love to have lots of children "if my [body] can handle it".

During the show, she also let on that she is close friends with both Jen and Chen, but will choose to save Chen over Jen when faced with a dire situation.

According to Tien, Chen is caring and would reciprocate, but Selina wouldn't.

"If there is a glass of water, and both I and Selina are thirsty, she would definitely just drink it," mused Tien.


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No hurry to marry says S.H.E. Hebe Tien
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